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The true basics of building automation (BAS) is the incorporation of technology into the equipment and interior of a building to improve efficiency, reduce maintenance, reduce certain risks and provide better comfort to the occupants. Automated monitoring for security and other purposes such as managing infrastructure.Combining systems under BAS offers greater efficiency and can improves the life cycle of utilities including HVAC, lighting, emergency systems, alarms and more.

Many buildings already use automation to control heating, cooling, ventilation. New buildings and retrofits can take advantage of fire alarms, security alarms, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and everything else that is electrical in a building.

Building Automation Systems is typically used keeps building climate within a specified range, provides light to rooms based on occupancy schedules, monitor the performance and electrical device failures in all systems, provide malfunction alarms to building staff.

A BAS should, in theory given the proper installation and setup, reduce building energy and maintenance costs. Older buildings can be retrofitted with a new BAS, giving the advantage of savings associated with per-emptive maintenance and fault detection.

New buildings are design to accommodate a BAS for the energy, air and water conservation characteristics. The newest technology can be incorporated with almost any electrical component as requirements demand.

Typical Services related to BAS

  • Inspections
  • Testing
  • Monitoring
  • HVAC Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Elevators
  • Safety including Alarms
  • Green Systems
  • Energy
  • Comfort and Convenience
  • Occupant Tracking

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