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Electrical Contractor

Industrial, Commercial and Residential Electrical Contractor

Why should you choose us for electrical work? Our knowledge is your piece of mind. It’s important to note that electrical contractors are not all the same. The difference between a industrial electrical, commercial contractor and residential contractor may seems to be the same, but they are different specializations and require different knowledge.

Commercial electrical work can include storefronts, restaurants, parking lot lighting, workshops, garages and more. Farming contractors are considered commercial as the electrical requirements are more demanding and the location of the work being done is also very different than a residential setting. Commercial electricians often work with higher voltage electrical system or generator that accompanies specialized equipment and sometimes involves the installation of commercial equipment.

An industrial electrical contractors are, again, entirely different. The level of knowledge and expertise necessary for a industrial electrician requires extensive knowledge and specific voltage requirements on industrial equipment. Industrial manufacturing and industrial production facilities have power needs that are far different from the electrical needs required in other electrical work.Industrial electricians and contractors can often work with exceptionally high voltage systems and low voltage controllers that require specialized knowledge, like building automation systems. Industrial electrical work can range from machinery installation, lighting, emergency systems and more.

We are licensed with the Electrical Contractor Registration Agency of the Safety Authority and we serve our clients in Ontario Canada.

Electrical Contractor Registration Agency of the Electrical Safety Authority - esaecra - ecra/esa Licence No 7013344

Typical Services

  • Farming electrical
  • Commercial electrical contractor
  • Store front electrical
  • Garage electrical
  • Residential electrical contractor

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